Industrial automation, PLC control and robotics

De Jong Engineering Hedel is specialized in industrial automation and robotics. De Jong Engineering develops computer software (including IPC, PLC and SCADA) for Siemens, Rockwell and Fanuc Robotics. We also build and install electrical equipment and systems for industrial processes, transportation, machinery and Robot Cells.

The best opportunities

The opportunities for professional systems are numerous. The trick is to use these opportunities in a way to form sustainable, productivity-enhancing and cost-saving solutions.

Reliable partner in automation

Are you looking for an organization with  personal commitment? We listen carefully to you, analyze the process, and clearly explain what sollutions we have.

Why choose De Jong Engineering?

  •      Approach from multiple disciplines
  •      Creative thinking, even in complicated situations
  •      A lot of knowledge
  •      Good project preparation and planning
  •      Years of experience and professional approach

Whatever your needs or expectations are, we always find a solution.

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Recent realisations

Barcode verificatie
Realisatie barcode-verificatiesystemen bij een ketchupfabrikant.

Realisatie Robotcel glasdepalletiser in frisdrankenfabriek.

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